My Childs Visions and Words from Jesus/Yeshua
This is the video The Lord Jesus had me make regarding the open vision and warning Word from God "THAT THE TIME TO GET OUT OF CALIFORNIA IS NOW! (that was in 2012-through my 10 year old at the time) It contains verses on mark of beast and messages and verses on coastlands
My son, from the time he was 10 to 14 has had many Words and visions, actually conversations with our Lord Jesus, that reveal powerful messages to help us know Gods heart and thoughts on certain issues that concern us including the rapture, and end time events.

The quick buleted points take away the human element so I must mention that Jesus is always loving, kind, truthful, and my son says Jesus is fun and funny. It is obvious that Jesus is very forgiving but will bring up things I didn't even know about, telling on my son in away for my son will say, thanks. lol. But my son always ask forgiveness and Jesus always forgives and teaches something through the experience. In these encounters my son has learned of things he couldn't have possible known and been allowed to see his grandma and little brother in heaven. He has seen his mansion and mine. Our Lord Jesus will play with my son as He is teaching Him. He has played healthy video games, gone swimming, sliding, jumping on trampolines and more....I love it when my son has had these times with Jesus because I am highly blessed as I have discernment and I know when God is talking to me and I have no doubt what so ever that these encounters are real!

​​* TV - Jesus said, He was no part of it

* Jesus does not like the cell phones and commented, you do know you are not the only ones on it (we are being   spied on, someone listening in)

* Pot was never meant to be smoked

* sex was made to multiply the earth

* there would be no cleaning or dusting if we used whole products (our wood is mixed)

*​​​​​​​​​​ video games brain wash/he didnt discourage some playing games that didn't encourage violence or witchcraft but suggested that what are we accomplishing with alot of time in games

* if we keep playing something not good for us it keeps us stuck (from renewing our mind Romans 12:2)

*​​​​ Jesus has mentioned more than once that we were getting ready to go through trial and testing (this is the hour of testing which was revealed through the word and Holy Spirit to me shortly there after

* It may feel like He is not with us for awhile but He is.

* ​​​​Several times that everything is about growing in LOVE

* (compassion, knowledge and understanding) Our Lord has spent time explaining why someone was the way they were
* When my son was being somewhat bullied and disrespected, Jesus said to stand up to them and not to allow that; how else will they learn what is the right way

*Rooms Jesus would take my son into in his mansion in heaven seem to match with gifts...for ex. there was music room, art room, drama room, electronic...

* The animals in heaven talked and the others animals that would hurt us here don't there. Our cat would fall asleep and end up in the encounter in heaven with my son and Jesus. She was funny and talked and had her own room in my mansion in heaven with a roller coaster! lol!

* My son said that sin does not even enter your mind in heaven​​​​​​​

* For mothers day Jesus showed my son my mansion. I was so blessed as it was described.

* (Aborted children in Heaven) More in the beginning of these encounters, my son asked me if there was something I wasn't telling him​​​​.
He said someone else was with Jesus kind of hiding but he knew he was there. In my spirit I felt like it had to do with  something I had been dealing and healing from after all these years. Before knowing the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, I did not know that abortion was murder, and I regret to say I aborted my precious child Daniel whom did not have a name until I named him. Anyway, Jesus was not allowing my son to see him in heaven until I shared this with him and once I did. Clay met him. It was healing for me and precious to know that he was there and had forgiven me.

* ​​​When my son was 10 he had open vision and warning word from God that the time to leave California was now. That was in 2012. (see the video below)

* ​​(RAPTURE) When my son was 12 he had the vision while playing legos with Jesus of Jesus hand coming down and taking the lego people off the lego platform (in my spirit was new Jerusalem) and everyone freaking out "where are they" and then big hand came down and brought them back and sat them on platform and then reached over and picked up others that had been left behind and put them on the platform.

* ​​(RAPTURE) In the drama room in my sons mansion in Heaven He and his brother was running and all these people were running and everyone was saying this is crazy and then a big hand came down and picked up my son. And the brother said jokingly, how come I had to be the one left behind? (This was another case were Jesus was allowing the drama and play time to be an message time.)

* (age accountability) When my son was 12​​ Jesus asked him to make a choice and showed him a house that was light and a house that was dark and one in the middle. He asked him which and my son ran to the light

* (seducing spirits and toys and games that seem innocent and are traps) then Jesus handed him a teddy bear that said, love me, love me, love me, and by the time it said it the third time, the teddy bears voice went creepy and horns grew out of it.​​

* (Faith) I asked Jesus why ​​I didn't hear as good as my son and Jesus said, I do but it's what I believe. So I started claiming that I could have great Holy Encounters too and that I could hear Jesus voice clearly! Jesus said, that's more like it!

* Another time I asked this question in regards to my sons "Holy Encounters" being more clear than mine and Jesus said because he has always had a great imagination. (It is our imagination where we invite any of the trinity to meet us somewhere and God will step in this place with us. I have had great experiences this way usually for me it is best in or at the end of worship. (when inviting God to meet you for an encounter always declare only the Father, son Jesus and HOly Spirit are invited and bind anything else. Start it off and they will step in. As for me I know it's real and not just my imagination when I feel them in my heart and their love takes over.)

*​​​​ (End Time Events) A year ago just after September 23, 2015 Jesus said to my son as we were praying, that the date your mom mentioned is when it started (Pope stayed with Obama at white house on Yom Kippur) And Jusus said it woud be quiet at first and then would escalate quickly.

* (Warning freinds and family in last seconds) Periodically Jesus would say things are getting closer. A few months ago Jesus told us that my son and I would be warning family and friends in the last seconds. Well here I am back in town near where he is and with a revelation of the 3 days of darkness to get out. Also, Jesus said right after that that He would tell us before He did something.​​

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ACTS 2:17
"In the last days,’ God says,
 ‘I will pour out my Spirit upon all people.
Your sons and daughters will prophesy.
Your young men will see visions,
 and your old men will dream dreams."
Some the dreams and visions and words I have received from Holy Spirit​:

* the vision of the tiger and then syringe 
* While reading Revelation 13 I heard Obama in my spirit (09)
*While reading Revelation 17, 18 I heard America - Babylon (09)
* the religious Babylon ​became revealed through my research (Rome)
Pope -False Prophet
*I woke up hearing Tyson-(The Holy Spirit led me in research. Evil company who put farmers out of business and treats employees and animals horribly. They make their way into legislation so they can continue their ill practices​​. The next morning I woke up hearing SIDS. I knew the Lord was saying what they put in the chicken is causing SIDS.
* then I saw a vision with syringe in the chicken. This isn't just hormones but I believe ingredients of the so called vaccine. There site said they were placing clinics at most of their facities to give the workers the covid 19 vaccine.
* I have links on my poetry site ones such as interview with Seleste Solume who was officer 20 years at Fema. (x officer) She is in many interviews.
ingredients she says aborted baby, humanized mice, hybrid plant, and worst of all she said, nano-hydrogel.​​​ It is worse than RFID CHIP because it goes to each cell and is a messenger changing the DNA. 
* I saw the pattered (Covid 19 Vaccine) through a pastor who showed the name and number of the name. 060606 and Lucerace. ​
*The Lord revealed in 09 that the RFID CHIP was in Obama Health Care Bill as "Medical Registry Device."​​
*I saw a vision of a snake around the Nestle Creamer.
God is coming to get rid of the sociopath industries and governments and setting up His Kingdom that will get rid of death, sickness and bring everlasting peace.​​
* God answered my questions on the comet through scripture especially highlighting Psalm 11:6 "I will rain fire and coal on the wicked" and then Isaiah 60:1-3 but.."Arise and shine in the day of dence darkness"​​
*The most recent is bringing more and more to light the Greek and Roman Myths in all the systems especially the Medical. The symbol for pharmakia in short is Satanic and has nothing to do with the copper snake in the cap of the Israelites they had to look at to be healed after being bitten. It will be herbs that heal the nations. Christ is coming to get rid of Sorcery and bring true worship in spirit and truth.​
* Also while praying for ones with ADHD I heard the Lord say "Parasite" ​
* In 2015 is when I spent two weeks straight with the Lord showing scripture on light rising in the darkness. Bottom Line those who are ready will shine very soon.​
* I have had dreams on war with Russia and China. Oriental anyway. A soldier told me it was Korea.
* I had a dream of a storm where new vehicles were falling off the multilevel garage tiers and crashing and breaking apart. every shape and size but all shine and new looking but the hail storm sent them all flying to the ground. At that time My vehicle that did need gas was now getting it from least likely people​​. And people who didn't want to see me before wanted to see me then. 

*YESHUA showed me the state of the church, the antichrist in it and at IHOP. International House of Prayer. There are sincere ones who come there but, God would not let me sign up but I did continue to learn more on prophetic intercession; especially through the dance.

*I was a messenger of truth He said right through the sister in the prophetic room.
* God set me up with many appointments with people from California to share the vision and warning word My child had received.
*Some of the verses in the beginning in my spirit was Matthew 13:30 (Christ separating the Wheat and tare) and Revelation 18:4 (Come out of her my people-not only religious Babylon but there is going to be a suddenly and we have to stay out. ​​​​​
* I was set up with many appointments in prayer evangelism and more.
* God showed his Faithfulness and miracles and provision
* I learned with Holy Spirit in secret place through the Word of God that the 2 witnesses are 2 companies of witnesses and are the same as the church of Philadelphia and the 144,000.
​​​​​​*The Lord had me study much on "Wall" and Nehemiah
* The Lord wanted me to celebrate sabbath but not legalistically. 
* Much study on Malachi and all the Word. Teaching me
WE ARE THE ARMY and not everyone is the Bride. Those who followed Him when He called.
* there is a door no one can shut right now and we are to be in secret place in prayer and worship and declaring the truth out loud as we are kings and priests now taking the land​​
* I heard the Lord say DANCE! Dance like never before for a time such as this!​
* I heard Him say I am a Debora summoning the troups
* The Lord showed me twice that I would be helping orphans in the millennium and a Healing and Worship Center. He has had me walking in faith and preparing
​​* Right now everyone has something God has them doing if they are listening and obeying but many did not come out of the church and went to sleep while the Bride groom tarried and many many have taken this so called vac. The Lord is saying they can repent and ask God to set them free. 
*We need to be ready spiritually mainly and practically. Trusting God with all our heart and not leaning on our own understanding or listening to man.
* God highlighted a while back 1 Samuel 8:6, 7 where Samuel was upset because the Israelites wanted a king and God said, "Don't be upset; it is not you they are rejecting; it is me. Give them their king and this is what will happen.....​​
Daniel 2:44 "In the days of those kingdoms I will set up a Kingdom that will never be destroyed and it will destroy all other kingdoms and stand forever." ​
*Elijahs about to rise and great judgment on false prophets and shepherds
*A shaking about to happen and what is made of man will fall and what is of God remains
* The evil wicked oppressors are only aloud to arise for a moment so they can be taken out (Psalm 92:7)​​​
* If God didn't plant it; it will be uprooted​
*God's bride is building the alter of Prayer, worship, heart
* Fighting and building​​
*Haman will be hung on the gallows he dug for others. The plot of the wicked will not succeed
*The hour of testing that the church of Philadelphia is the only church who escapes it
*Everyone is about to wonder why we have peace in the storm. It is revival time and the destruction of those who oppress the poor and rebel against God
* No more Baal worship in the land!​
* Your freedom is in the dance; others freedom is in the dance​
February 24, 2022 Hi Family and friends, brothers and sisters in Christ! I just quickly jotted these things down  tonight. You may find more detail at my poetry and prophecy site link below. Please feel free to email me. Thank you for your prayers. You are in mine. Love JudyLea
*Our weapons are love, oneness (by the Holy Spirit) prayer and worship, humility.
*I heard the Lord say, Worship is prayer on steroids" LOL!  Lets praise Him in the Storm! He also said, Dance like never before for a time such as this!"